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About ODA and Our 40 Year History
ODA Community Development, a non-profit 501c3 multi-faceted organization, provides a host of programs to its community and beyond. We cater to individualized needs, offering professional business, housing, health, nutritional, and community beautification services --particularly to low-income and minority communities in New York. Our dedication is legendary.

Since our inception in 1974, we have seen incredible growth, both in number of services and the people who walk through our doors. And that makes us proud! Our hands-on approach, where we actively assist those who reach out to us and develop a close working relationship with them is but one of the many secrets to our success. ODA. Consistently building upon our tradition of excellence.

ODA Williamsburg
12 Heyward St.
Brooklyn NY 11249
14-16 Heyward St.
Brooklyn NY 11249
751 Whythe Ave
Brooklyn NY 11249
420 Broadway St.
Brooklyn NY 11211

ODA Clinton Hill
517 Park Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11205

ODA Upstate N.Y.
6 Dairyland Road
Woodridge NY 12789
(845) 434-2060

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